Working toward our future at South Bank University Academy.

Our Academy:

At South Bank University Academy, everything we do is true to our values of social justice, endeavor, kindness, empathy, and community. We work to ensure our students gain knowledge, build character and have the experiences that lead them to be the changemakers in their world; living a quality life and improving the lives of others. 

In May, our year 10 students partook in Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge,  a program that has worked to motivate thousands of young people to find their voice, promoting critical thinking and improving communication. As a result, our year 10 student, Yusuff Adedoyin, won third place at the Southwark “Speak Out” Challenge with his speech entitled ‘Love Conquers All’

“I have gained the understanding of how to express myself publicly while engaging an audience and most importantly leaving the listeners with something after. I enjoyed this experience, and although I was gutted not to win, I am proud of my efforts and the support I was given throughout.”

  • Yusuff Adedoyin

All of our projects facilitate autonomy, widen the spectrum of interest, and allow our students to explore essential skills that they will use in all walks of their lives. Most importantly, through a range of activities, we encourage our students to aim higher.

Through our curriculum students explore a rich body of knowledge across a broad range of subjects. We supplement this with an extensive enrichment curriculum of contextualized projects, educational visits, lectures, community work and a range of additional clubs and societies.  Our programs involve all our students with community work, educational and cultural visits and engagement with external businesses and agencies.

Consequently, 93% of our students have applied to university this year, 50% to Russel Group Universities and two of our students to Oxbridge. Three of our students have secured degree apprenticeships at top companies including Morgan Stanley. Our focus is to get our students in contact with professionals who are active in the industry. At SBUA, we work to fulfil our motto – ‘Create your own future’. 

For more information on what we have to offer, visit our website or call to book a tour with us.

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