What we do

We provide exciting, career focused and creative education for young people in South London.

We work with local communities and industry sponsors to provide a unique experience for our staff
and students. We are proud to be different to most schools, focusing on more than just academic education
so that students have real world experience and all-important skills needed for work, apprenticeships of further education. 

Enhanced Curriculum 

Our academies are driven by our mission and values, and we work with relevant industries, experts and advisors to ensure that everything we do and teach is powerful, effective and innovative. 

We put a strong focus on what happens outside of the classroom too. Our enrichment programs seek to provide opportunities and experience students would not get anywhere else.  

Powerful enrichment as part of our innovative ‘Day 10’ curriculum at South Bank University Academy allows students to take part in meaningful projects and off-site trips that will push them beyond the current National Curriculum and develop their sense of social responsibility. 

These projects give further opportunities to develop skills, enhance progress and give our students the edge. We work with our sponsors to provide opportunities other schools cannot.

Real world experience

Making sure our students are ready for future employment or further study is important to us. We ensure that students have access to work experience, placements, projects and workshops with our industry sponsors and beyond. Facilities at our academies and world class and give students access to equipment that they would not anywhere else. These combine to create students ready for future employment or study. 

Careers and future employment are crucial in our work with our young people. We work with students to enhance their understanding of the current labour market as well as explore their options in Higher Education, Apprenticeships and future careers.

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