The Visionaries ‘Crossing the Threshold’ Podcast

We have been working with a company called ‘The Visionaries’ to engage our staff and students activities that explore their values and their ways of being as a community. They recently interviewed Mr Taylor for a podcast which was published last summer.

“John Taylor is the Principal of University Academy of Engineering South Bank, a medium-sized state secondary school in South East London. John, Nikki & I caught up whilst his school was partially reopening from lockdown at the end June 2020. What a crazy time to be a headteacher…John shared the reality of seeing a school community through a pandemic. His stories highlight the multidimensional role a school plays in it’s local community, particularly during times of adversity. We were deeply inspired by John’s vision and how he breeds a commitment to social justice amongst school staff.We discover how John’s early childhood summers spent going to Forest School Camps have been instrumental to his outlook on life, his aspirations as a school leader and to model how we can live harmoniously as individuals and communities.Website: Twitter: @UAESouthbankInstagram: UAESouthbankProduced and Edited by Green Barge Audio. Check them out – Show NotesBooks mentioned:Trivium 21cNatives by AkalaSouth by Ernest Shackleton”

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